Report Cards
Following much improved speed of reporting through 2017-18 season e-reporting will continue through 2018-19. Please ensure you are using the latest 20180908.06 version of the Excel spreadsheet available below. This does not replace the need to post report cards in by Royal Mail, so please continue to do so.

We hope that everyone has access to the commonly installed Microsoft Excel application. If not then Libre Office provide an open source and free package that can be installed on PC's and will work with Excel .xls files. Other programs or Aps are available for tablets etc that will also work with Excel files.

The report card file, downloaded via the link below, uses drop down selection boxes and text boxes for gathering the information. The overall results are calculated automatically.

In addition you may send a photo image of your hand written and signed report card or you can just send the photo but that still means our score keeper has to type it out so if possible we'd like to see all teams sending in the Excel files.

Results should be emailed to

Link to download excel report card file here